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How minister’s song nearly landed me in trouble —Zazzabi

Could you tell us about yourself?

My name is Abubakar Usman, popularly called Sadik Zazzabi. I was born in 1983 in Ayagi Quarters in Kano city. I attended Islamiyya school during my early years before I started my primary education. I attended Adamu Na Ma’aji Junior Secondary School and Aminu Kano Commercial College after which I ventured into tailoring and, later, I started composing songs seriously.

What do you mean by you started composing songs seriously?

I said so because that was not the time I started. Music has always been a part of my life. When I was in Islamiyya school, I used to compose and write songs for my class and also took part in several Islamic song competitions in which I did excellently. I used to write praise songs for my school mates during Maulud and other festivities. So that was how my music began. Therefore I will say that I started singing when I was just a boy.

How did you get the name, Zazzabi?

I got the name Zazzabi from one of my early songs; I mean when I came into music fully. The title of the song was Zazzabi (Fever) and, being one of the first songs I released, people started calling me Sadik Zazzabi.

How did Alkarya Multimedia come into being?

Alkarya Multimedia was born out of my desire to excel in music. Because an interest in music is something I started nursing from childhood, I decided to establish the studio in order to aid my career.

What has been your source of inspiration?

As you know, interest is the most inspiring or motivating factor in the pursuit of a career. When one has interest in an issue, one finds it very easy to excel simply because one is not compelled to do what one is doing. Therefore, my main source of inspiration is the interest I had right from childhood.

Musicians commonly choose a specific theme around which they compose their works and this is normally based on interest. What is your own area of interest?

My music touches on different aspects of life. I do sing for filmmakers, I sing for politicians as well as on any other issue I feel I could make an impact on through singing. But because my music is rooted in my Islamiyya school, I focus mostly on morality.

Which among your songs do you consider the best?

Well, I always try to be at my best when composing any song. Therefore, it will honestly be difficult for me to point at a particular song and say it is my best. However, one of my titles “Abuja Ta Yi Tsaf”, is one I cherish so much because it is the song that brought me to limelight and I can say that I made my breakthrough with it.

What is the song all about?

It is a praise song for the former FCT Minister, Alhaji Aliyu Modibbo who, of course, is my mentor. It simply praises his achievements and how he transformed the capital city. Modibbo inspired me to be what I am in the music industry. He so much appreciates music and so he is always willing to support people interested in it. If I recall very well, he was the one who took the late [Alhaji] Mamman Shata to America and also supported lots of other successful musicians.

A number of musicians in Kano state have, on different occasions, run afoul of the Censorship Board. Have you ever had any encounter with the board?

Yes, I had an encounter with the Kano State Censorship Board. I was accused of releasing “Abuja Ta Yi Tsaf” without censoring, but I didn’t go to jail; I was made to pay a fine by the court.

But why did you violate the law and landed yourself in that trouble?

It was not deliberate. I never intended to breach the law. I assumed that since the song was a political one and not for sale, there was no need to forward it to the board before it was released. But there was nothing bad in the song, no abuses, no vulgar words; my offence was releasing the song without taking it for censoring. Apart from that, none of my songs has landed me in any trouble. I am a law abiding citizen, I always ensure that everything with regards to my operations is in order. I did not commence operation at Alkarya until after ensuring that I fulfilled all requirements of establishing as well as operating a studio in the state.

One of your songs earned you the award of best song as rated by Freedom Radio in a competition held recently. Tell us about the song and how you participated in the competition.

That award was nothing but the will of God. My song titled “Mu Nemi Na Kanmu” was not sponsored by anyone. It is a message to the youths in which I emphasised the need for them to be self-reliant and shun all forms of social vices. It was featured in one of my albums, “Kafon Zuci”. As I said earlier, I am always trying to do my best in all my songs and I must say I was at my best at it therefore I was not surprised that it earned me the award. The rating was done by listeners during the competition and that goes to tell you that it was not in any way sentimental. With regards to the victory, I am grateful to the Almighty for seeing me through and also thank the listeners of Freedom Radio as well as my fans for their support.

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