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PDP convention: South-East must avoid the rancour

Why this unnecessary rumpus? It never ceases to amuse one to see how desperate some politicians can be. The present horse trading going on in the South-East wing of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is to say the least shameful. Why must politicians from my South-east interested in rancour than follow simple guidelines.

The party headquarters had zoned Publicity, Deputy Speaker and Woman Leader offices to South-East but surprisingly some mischievous ones not qualified and afraid to face the delegates in an open transparent elections have arrogated to themselves party offices which have been stoutly resisted by other contestants.

Woman from the zone contesting for Woman Leader are insisting that they all be allowed to run irrespective of state and are protesting the alleged supplanting of the candidature of an unpopular woman from Imo State over other women, a  one time minister and ambassador who is likely not going to win the election in an open contest at the party’s convention on March 24 this year.

The party must also allow other contestants for the posts of Publicity Secretary and Deputy Secretary not to be preserved for certain people and state but should be thrown open.

Dr Emmanuel Odum, Owerri, Imo State

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