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That Mustapha Aminu’s interview in Daily Trust

It is always amusing to hear a former secretary to the Katsina State Government, Alhaji Mustapha Inuwa, criticise the administration of Governor Ibrahim Shema. In a society where premium is placed on honour and integrity, the likes of Mustapha should not speak. In every civilized society, constructive criticism serves as impetus for development, while myopic and mischievous criticism retard the progress of the society.

Mustapha Inuwa, standing truth on the head,  went ahead in an interview he granted to Daily Trust edition of Monday, February 25,2013, to concoct lies against Governor Ibrahim Shema in order to mislead the public. Unfortunately, the critical issues that Mustapha talked about are the issues that are well known to every active politician in Katsina state. According to him, “I felt duty bound to talk for two reasons:  one,  Katsina is my state , therefore, I should be concerned,  and two, as I said we went round to seek people’s mandate to make him (Shema)  a governor and he knows the role I played in doing that.”
If it is true, as Mustapha claimed, that he played a crucial role to make Shema a governor in the year 2007 when he was SSG, it will also be of interest to the public if he can explain to the people the circumstances that led to Shema losing the gubernatorial election in Mustapha ‘s local government during the said election, in spite of  Mustapha’s claims to be a  kingmaker.
Mustapha was talking about probity and accountability.  On this, he can continue to sing to the hearing of novice and unsuspecting members of the public. He will do a great service to Katsina state and also Nigeria , if he can defend himself of an allegation making the rounds in the state that over N4 billion was spent in the absence of the then governor, the late Umaru Musa Yar’adua. As at the time Mustapha was Katsina state SSG. Not only this, he should also come out clean  on how he came about with money he used to built the magnificent manson in Katsina GRA in the twinkle of an eye in the last days of  Yar’adua as governor.
Mustapha needs to tell the public the source of his income in the last five years that he has been out of government. The desperation of Mustapha is not about the quest for good governance or transparency in government, but his battle to survive financially outside government.
Although one is not totally surprised because that is the nature of Mustapha. He has carved a niche as a man known for mispresentation of facts.  How does he want the public to take him serious, when at one time he was spear- heading the criticism against Yar’adua, when he was the state chairman of All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), Katsina State, only to later get a political appointment under the same administration and sing praises of Yar’adua as the best governor.
In the last twelve years of democratic government, Mustapha has changed political parties three times. He moved from ANPP to PDP, and from PDP to CPC.  From Mustapha’s history and record, where is integrity and honour, not to talk of credibility? Despite the human nature of the Executive Governor of Katsina state, his detractors, and those plotting to create crisis, in the peaceful political atmosphere of the state, he need to realize that a man does not test the depth of a river with his two feet.
Mustapha needs to know that his campaign of calumny cannot stand the test of time. This is simply because it based on falsehood. He will do himself and Katsina state a lot of good, if he can simply go back to the school to complete his Phd program after spent more than six years on the study. This become necessary more so that Katsina now has a state-owned university, and also a federal university. One would have expected that with Mustapha level of education, he will be the last person to serve as willing tool in the hands of miscreants some of whom could not differentiate between their left and right hands.
It is unthinkable that a man of Mustapha standing would claim that workers in Katsina state are not getting their salaries on time. This can only happen in the Katsina state of Mustapha’s dream, not in Katsina of today, where workers get their salaries before the end of the month. Katsina state people are still waiting for the outcome of Mustapha’s case with ICPC, the result of which will determine if he has the perquisite to speak on probity and accountability in governance. The anti-corruption agencies tendency of delaying action on suspected corrupt public office holders has always given room for people of questionable characters to present themselves to unsuspecting public as agents of hope. For Nigeria to progress, this trend must stop.
Danmusa wrote from Danmusa Local Government Area of Katsina state.

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