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The imperatives of Okorocha/Fashola ticket - 1

Unlike an editor friend of mine, with whom I parted ways – as ‘friends’ – after the 2011 elections, I will offer my ideas about how we can see the changes we desire in our society, while the ideas may be relevant. Unlike my friend who claimed after the 2011 elections that he is a ‘Buhari fanatic’, but also went ahead to claim that Buhari could not have won that election because the CPC did not campaign ‘at all’ in the East of Nigeria blah blah (which was untrue), I will instead offer my ideas to a person or institution with whom I claim some affinity. I will not watch them fall into a pit and then embark of post-mortem analysis about how they got it wrong.  The same group of pretend progressives who have always said the PDP always wins elections because the opposition fail to come together, are not supporting the current amalgamation of a few of the opposition parties, but rather, they are telling their readers the 1,001 reasons why the merger may not succeed. 

Those who by day say they want change, by night enter into alliances and collect ‘funding’ for the continuation of the status quo.  Yet, if anything, I believe that Nigerians are not insane, for it is said that insane people are those who continue doing a thing in a particular way, all the while expecting results to be different.  Nigerians want change.  Change even just for the heck of it.  After 14 years of being taken through the rigmaroles of the PDP, Nigerians would want to try something else. All over the world wherever Democracy is being practiced, that is how it works.  From time to time, a new group of people, with different ideas – no matter how slightly – are brought in just to see whether things will be different.  The PDP should not be allowed to rule for 60 years as it had earlier boasted.  In fact, the stakes are much higher for Nigeria.  Our very existence as a nation is on the chopping board presently.
I will hereby briefly state the imperatives of the presidential pairing for the APC which I suggested last week. Mine is a product of a brainwave, and of course, I do not belong to any political party presently.  I have suggested Rochas Okorocha for President and Babatunde Fashola as his able Vice, and I believe this is a combination that will truly confound the superpowers – PDP – for more reasons than one. I had also suggested that if the APC is wise, it should immediately position itself as a party of UNITY, and of course that they should appoint from their ranks, Shadow Ministers, who can benchmark every decision made by the present government, and offer alternatives.  I said this will allow them to be productive rather than destructive, and also give them the needed ‘structure’. 
Ordinarily, the APC is dominated by the powerful figures of Buhari and Tinubu.  Rumour has it that these two elderly men have relinquished their political ambitions.  But there are still doubts.  Many have said that if Buhari is not on a ticket, such a ticket will not fly in the north.  But I believe there are ways around that, if our intentions are pure as a people.  Buhari will forever occupy a pride of place in the hearts of millions of Nigerians across the length and breath, but it is evident by now, that the ruling party of late, has perfected the sport of rubbishing his image.  From what they made of his 2003 speech to Muslims in the north, to the Bauchi Youth Corpers saga, to the ‘dogs and baboon’ analogy, the ruling party has consistently worked on the sedate religious and tribal bigotry in the minds of millions of Nigerians in order to get their way with Buhari. A core or people who have kept their heads in all the frenzy are however certain that a Buhari leadership will mean a death knell to corruption in Nigeria and that is the reason for keeping him at bay at all costs.  
One of the events of the 2011 elections, is the way the PDP governors in northern Nigeria managed to return to their positions.  Almost all the governors had lost their credibility among the people and they were certainly goners. But because the presidential elections came first, I believe strongly that the PDP created the confusion and sponsored the violence, which they promptly hung around the poor necks of Buhari, backed up with his statement that ‘people should defend their votes’.  However in the north, those who play politics there (like Ahmad Gulak the presidential adviser said the other day; ‘leave politics to politicians’), have deliberately kept the teeming millions illiterate, impressionable and poor, just for such a day as they may be needed.  In the city of Kano, exist thousands of Dan Iska boys, high on glue and sniffing spirogyra, they can be called upon by the likes of Gulak and deceived into violence, so long as Buhari will pick the bill.
What the north should desire now, is not more political tension but peace.  From where I stand, I see that northern Nigeria is tired of PDP, and that they regret even their political naivety of two years ago, which has only brought them economic destruction and social depression.  Who ever thought a day will come when the north will face so much trauma under terrorism and whatnot?  As I type, French and American troops are now dispatched to the borders of Northern Nigeria and Niger, in a new wave of violent recolonisation. Under any guise, the north should seek its own peace, and play a game of ‘ina ruwa na?’ ie ‘what’s my own in the matter’?, in the next elections.  The PDP employed the best American strategists in the last elections, and will employ more in the coming one.  A strategist does not care whoever dies, so long as they deliver their quarry. The American strategists are part of those who plunged this nation, after the 2011 elections into its worst nightmare ever (terrorism).  I believe Baba Mai Gaskiya should be made the Chairman of the BOT of the APC, a position that affords him to be a moral compass to the nation.  This position should be given the high profile it deserves so as to get the support of more northerners.  Equally Tinubu can be compensated at such a level.
Okorocha is a politician par excellence.  A maverick and orator.  He may have a sordid past like most politicians, but I believe he is a man for the times, having tried in the past to be president, even coming second to Umaru Yaradua in the PDP primaries of 2007.  I have listened to some of his speeches on youtube, and wow! the man can move mountains!  Aside from this, the positioning of Okorocha (whom I’ve never heard say anything to make him seem remotely like a tribal bigot unlike many so-called Igbo leaders), should also emphasise the UNITY stance of the APC.  There has never been a more opportune moment for Nigeria to produce an Igbo president.  This is not about zoning. In fact it is a good way to put an end to zoning.  But it is grossly unjust that the country has produced many presidents from the north (not all were Fulani as many would want us to believe e.g. Gowon/IBB/Abdulsalami/Abacha are not Fulani), and Obasanjo led for about 11 years in all, and we now have an Ijaw man there, only for someone to come and remove the ‘rotating’ ladder when the Igbos could have a go.

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