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Ripened for the perfect kill - II

Still on the statements from some very important Nigerians on the state of the nation, Justice Dahiru Musdapher, former Chief Justice has this to say:  “Our capacity to investigate, arrest, prosecute and convict those found guilty of contravening the laws of Nigeria is evidently weak and compromised… There is no objectivity in national discourse…. Our slide into anarchy has assumed dangerous dimensions, perhaps beyond the capacity of our security agencies to deal with... Boko Haram insurgency, political violence, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, indiscipline, abductions, and kidnappings, armed robbery, murder and extortion, bombings of places of worship and of innocent Nigerians - are all indicators of a failed State.”

“General” Bola Tinubu chipped in: “The situation our country is in today is both sad and unacceptable. We are as a people without a leader, a country with no trustworthy men at the helm of affairs, and a nation now lost at sea. Our leaders must commit to a better country, not tomorrow, but beginning now – today, because time is not on our side and the continued patience of the people may no longer be guaranteed.”

And the almighty USA State Department, to whom our government humbly defers, had this to say about Nigeria, on the 21st of December, 2012, even as our government was still ‘upselling’ the tranquility of Nigeria: “The situation in Nigeria remains fluid and unpredictable. In light of the continuing violence, extremists may expand their operations beyond northern Nigeria to the country’s middle and southern states. Crime is a risk throughout the country. Home invasions also remain a serious threat, with armed robbers accessing even guarded compounds by scaling perimeter walls, following residents or visitors, or subduing guards to gain entry to homes or apartments.  Armed robbers in Lagos have also accessed waterfront compounds by boat. U.S. citizens, as well as Nigerians and other expatriates, have been victims of armed robbery at banks and grocery stores and on airport roads during both daylight and evening hours...”

A big friend of mine told me a story recently. Prof. Yemi Osinbajo – ex Attorney General in Lagos State, used to have a friend who rose to become Attorney General of Somalia.  He would meet and interact with that friend when Somalia was still a country. More recently, Prof had cause to go on a UN mission to Somalia, and was in a camp where they served food to refugees. Who did he see, bowl in hand?  Yes, it was the former Attorney General of Somalia. We have seen too many of these instances. From the Ghanaians who flooded Nigeria in the 70’s to Sierra Leone, to Liberia to Cote Divoire, Rwanda etc.  Yet some beat their chests here and try to con the public that all is well and in control. They even feed us religion as tranquilisers.  Nigeria has been set up for the perfect kill; by the runners of the world, in active connivance with the greed and stupidity of its local administrators. Much blood has been spilled by those who run the country, and their masters, with a view to keep disuniting the people and of course to pass on the bitter burden of what they’ve done to the poor and hapless.  Perhaps there is a plan to fully exterminate poor people.  Who knows?  But that is how it seems.

But certainly, the more we hold out, the messier it will be when the explosion shall come.Certainly, when it comes, many innocents shall have to suffer for it. It will be senseless, it will be used to settle scores, and of course, it will be hijacked. It may even lead to the emergence of a new set of useless oppressors! That is the way the cookie crumbles.

What to do?  I dunno. But perhaps we could try a few Bill Gates/Warren Buffet moments. There is HUGE HUGE HUGE money in Nigeria, in the hands of very very very few. They can try and save themselves and save us. It is evident that those monies are now a burden to them. They can systematically offload it for the benefit of their country, and ultimately themselves.  It is not enough to have assets and mansions abroad, or to settle their children there.  More so, they can do what I am recommending AND still hedge their risks as they have already.  This country should not have anything to do with excruciating poverty.  If, like Bill Gates/Warren Buffet, our super-rich people can decide to let go of even 10% of what they have, and deploy such into massive projects that will immediately alleviate the sufferings of the poor, the looming Armageddon can be averted.  Scholarships and visits to Motherless Homes are not enough.

Our people are forgiving, and really, the bar of our expectation is still relatively low… But who will bell the cat?  Only that person who is super-rich, and also super-intelligent, who knows that there is no point stashing away riches like some spoilt brats, in countries that may end up claiming such riches. Those countries are the super robber-barons.  France has just cornered Teodoro Obiang’s mansions and monies.  But they looked away when the Equitorial Guinea crown prince stashed the money in their country?  It’s a classic case where the robber poses as the Pope!  Some have asked me, why don’t we just let it happen?  Why bother thinking of escape route from this fate that has befallen us all?  Well, that may also be an option – facing the music once and for all.

By and large, there is a need to conquer ego in Nigeria.  In fact if we do, most of our problems will be solved. There is a need to realize that we are in this together.  There is a need to envision our predicament from an eagle eye view, to realize that it is not about those of us who are living at this moment, but about humanity itself. There is a need to save us from the wrath of our children, or at least to ensure we don’t bequeath an environment of rancor and strife to them.  Our social model has gone berserk. More next week.

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