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Ripened for the perfect kill - 1

Further to my write up last week ‘Memo to Aristocrats/Middle Class’, deeper thoughts and interactions on this subject have revealed to me, that already, we have become like deer, caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle.  Such a deer will remain transfixed until wham! disaster strikes. It is important to stay on this subject for now, because evidently, the strategy adopted by those who run Nigeria, and the middle class, has gone awfully wrong. It is now more than evident that a grave danger looms ahead, that something akin to a revolution will occur, and that such a process will also be mismanaged.

Nerves are frayed.  And the elites of Nigeria know this, even if they try and delude themselves. No one believes all the tripe that government puts in the public space.  All the limits have been breached.  All the social levees and dikes have been fully compromised.  We should expect a tsunami.  Check this.  We have had many ‘Mary Antoinette moments’.  Like the French ‘Queen’ did before the revolution of 1789, Nigerians have been told ‘if you can’t find bread to eat, why don’t you eat cake?’  Cake? How many of such can we count?  Is it the serial demolition of poor people’s houses without alternatives, to pave way for plush mansions?  Is it the oppression on the streets and the display of obscene wealth in the face of excruciating hunger?  Is it the moment our president asked us to ‘change our attitude because corruption is not the problem’?  Is it the passing on of the fraud going on with fuel importation in this country, to the poor masses, or the new attempt to buy 10 million “i-stupid” phones for farmers?  Or the ‘I don’t give a damn I will never disclose my assets” statement on national tv by El Presidente? Or the N2billion banquet hall and N16billion VP residence businesses in disdain of dying millions?  Yes, especially in this administration we have had several Marie Antoinette moments!

What such moments do is to break peoples’ hearts, in such a manner that those hearts could never be pieced together again.  Nigerians have been called ingrates, ignoramuses, fools.  One of the palace comedians, having gorged himself with wine, women and plenty of pork meat, called the poor young suffering people of this country “idle and idling… collective children of anger… distracted crowd of Facebook addicts… soap opera gossips of Nigeria… army of sponsored and self-appointed anarchists…” even as he sauntered into another owambe party.  The values of the country, and all that matters, have been ‘externalised’.  The government beats its chest that ‘Obama commended us’, Clinton Foundation celebrated us’, ‘According to IMF, our GDP growth rate is fantastic!’.  The line has since been marked, between ‘they’ and ‘us’.

And the reactions have been gradual. The super-rich have fenced themselves in. Government offices have become fortresses.  They say the poor want to bomb them away, they say its some religious fanatics. But both the poor and even the religious fanatics do not possess the kind of resources with which terrorism Nigerian-style has been perpetrated!  Only one segment possesses the cashflow, the few mightily rich.  And the poor suspect fraud!  After all, 99.9% of those who have died or borne losses in this crazy campaign, are poor and disenfranchised people anyway.

Still the rich have cornered the instrument of security in Nigeria. The security budget is a quarter of all we intend to spend for the whole year. They just cannot have enough, either of the segregation from the poor, or from the sweet profits of security contracts and purchases, or of the unprecedented and monumental, mind-boggling fuel subsidy/kerosene scams.  The rich has ensured that 80% of our police now guard them personally, hence no police on the streets, and even the soldiers have nowturned to private security guards for the rich.  They don’t defend the territorial integrity anymore, but guard anyone who can afford to pay them.  Still, the danger looms, for the police and the army who guard the rich may be the first to hold them to ransom, when, not if, Nigeria snaps!

We know that the super rich, including the pastors of “pente-rascal”, fraudulent “churches” know there is grave danger and so keep purchasing private jets and yachts. They hope to be able to run away when it all comes crashing – the ponzi-scheme that they have built in Nigeria, the unsustainable bubble of corruption, ineptitude, egocentricity and recklessness.  They hope to purchase their exits to the airport, or the airstrip behind their mansions, but they just may not be that lucky.  Even amongst the clergy, many are speaking out. And that is grave danger. Kudos to Catholic Priest, Father Hyacinth Egbebo, who spoke stabbing words of truth right in the face of the president during Gen. Azazi’s burial. ‘End Corruption!!’ the priest thundered, like the prophets of old. The president stuttered in response, saying corruption was not the problem but our ‘attitude’.  Story for another day.  A certain Rev MrsLovinaAmangalaIburene recently asked the president to step down! The ladies are even more fiery!

But Pastor Adeboye sends his love and prayers ‘to all Excellencies” through their wives who represented them at his last Holy Ghost whatever. I never knew until then that all “Excellencies” were either present or represented. So we can dump Nigeria’s malaise at the regal feet of RCCG. Obviously they’ve been coashing our ‘excellencies’ in oppression and recklessnss.  I was also shocked beyond words. I thought only God was excellent when one is at the pulpit!  See this  Opposite Adeboye’s camp, the crew of Saharareporters, including world-renowned Sowore were detained and brutalized.  In this war against the people, everybody and every organization is free to take sides.  But the war will be ill-defined, and the targets often blurred.

The land is in trauma.  I ran into a lady recently who casually told me her children were kidnapped on their way back from school.  Her driver was the kingpin. From Port-Harcourt, her well-fed, fresh-skinned children ended up somewhere in Owerri. Ransom was set at N50 million, but they managed to get their lovely children back, for N4 million.  The children could have been killed in a drug-feulled moment of madness, but they were surely traumatised, for about a week.  The stage has been set. Government rhetoric is rubbish. We live in bestial times.  For too long, the anger among the poor and oppressed has brewed, and under the Jonathan government, the fermented brew is about to explode, for this compressed container of anger and despondency, is being violently shaken all too often.  Explosion the only natural response.

That is not all, even some of the bad guys have spoken up.  Elder Obasanjo, one of the worst culprits/architects  of Nigeria’s sorry existence today said recently “I am afraid... When a General says he is afraid, that means the danger ahead is real and potent. The danger posed by an army of unemployed youth in Nigeria can only be imagined.  There is absence of serious, concrete, realistic, short and long term solution to youth unemployment. Nigerian youths have been patient enough. This patience will soon reach its elastic limit. Nigeria will witness a revolution soon unless government takes urgent steps to check growing youth unemployment and poverty”.

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