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Before the election in Mubi - Maiha federal constituency

Mubi North, Mubi South and Maiha Federal Constituency in Adamawa State is one of the eight seats in the Federal House of Representatives of Nigeria. Besides the major towns of Mubi, a former provincial capital, Gella, a local government headquarters, Maiha, Sahuda, Mayobani, Vimtim, Fali, Mugulbu, Mayogunli, Arhakunu, Mararaba-Mubi, there are other sprawling settlements and satellite towns and villages that make-up this constituency. As at the last count in terms of federal presence, there is a federal polytechnic there.

The constituency became vacant following the death of former representative Honourable Ahmed Njidda Gella on 3rd August 2009.

Since then, there have been preparations to fill the gap next month. Many names have come up. They include: John Babani Elias, John Muva and Abdurrahman Kwacham.

There are also Abubakar Wambai, Abdurrahman Shuaibu, Emmanuel Bayas, Ahmed Abdulkadir Tafida, Kevin Peters, Mrs Hanatu Kadala, Prince Hamidu Isa Ahmadu, J.J. Ahmed, Timothy Audu Vimtim and Barrister Suberu Ndaku.

The electorate must look out for who can properly fill-in the gap. The late representative was in the forefront for the creation of Amana State before his demise. He contributed financially and morally. He attracted federal presence in the rehabilitation of roads from Sorau to Kwaja and from Mubi, Kasuwan Shanu to Gellah.

He assisted graduates in this place get employment in federal departments and agencies. Though the tribes of Fali, Gude, Nzanyi, Ndandankwa, Betso, Margi and Higgi abound here, these may not count this time around.

The Peoples Democratic Party, the Action Congress, All Nigeria Peoples Party are neck to neck in the contest but may amount to nothing. Rigging will not work too because the electorate are wiser and are ready to protect their votes.

It is expected that the goodwill done in the past, the indelible achievements of individuals will be the deciding factor in this election. The arithmetic hinges on how has one conducted themselves at the grassroots?

Sixteen aspirants are of the Peoples Democratic Party whose fortunes are dwindling due to records of bad governance. Two are from All Nigeria Peoples Party and one so far from the Action Congress.

Big party and big names no longer win elections in Nigeria because the masses are tired of being deceived. One of the aspirants is said to be too ambitious to have dropped his state cabinet position to gun for this position now when he has not completed his four-year tenure.

He is believed to be a front for conservative forces and retrogressive elements that ruined the economy of the people.

One of the contenders is a youth and has been harsh in his condemnation of performance of government of Governor Nyako in Adamawa State. People say he is rude to elders. He insults on the pages of newspapers and electronic media with careless abandon. Some say he is unlearned and inexperienced.

The only female aspirant is on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party. The question is what are the chances of one woman actor in the midst of rugged aspirants? Many say unless women will campaign heavily and truly support her, it will be quite hard for her to clinch this post.

One of the aspirants is said to have spent all his years in the palace and has never been a politician to be entrusted with such a lofty office. Some have disqualified him based on account of inexperience and because he is of the ultra-conservative brand and may dance to the tunes of traditional set-up.

Another is thought to be old and out of tune with modern political trends. Even if  elected, political commentators say, he will be one of the bench warmers and sleepers in the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly.

There is this one that the people say may not scale through the primaries because of lack experience despite the fact that he has the backing of the gladiators. Some are of the view that his good Christian conduct may not allow him to be so-involved in shady ideas and lies of today’s politics. Though he comes from one of largest and dominant tribes he may not pick the ticket.

Another one, though having been in leadership before his popularity has fallen due to his alleged unbridled corruption and high-handedness, has been out with the church because he has broken the one-wife rule. He has being accused of amassing wealth and building many personal houses and hobnobbing with unscrupulous businessmen.

These are some of the sketches of the persons looking forward to occupying the seat left by the late Njidda Gellah in the National Assembly. The question on the lips of concerned citizens is who will be so honored to fill this gap and take this great challenge to change the course of things in this area?

The person himself/herself, whosoever he or she may be in the next three or four weeks must be ready to bring development to this area.

Liba, a Political Scientist and indigene of Adamawa State wrote from No.8c Limpopo Crescent, Maitama, Abuja ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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