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‘Bill on reform of traditional institution incomplete’

The Senator Abdullahi Adamu sponsored bill on the reform of the Nigerian traditional institution now before the constitution review committee has been described as ‘incomplete’.

This declaration was made by Alhaji Abdullahi Yelwa, the an author of the book ‘Kings and Democracy’.

He made the statement while speaking to Sunday Trust yesterday. Yelwa contends that the bill, which seeks to give some constitutional recognition to traditional rulers as it is presently fails to address the critical issue of security of tenure for traditional rulers, thereby exposing them to threats of dethronement by state governors.

“As it is, traditional rulers can be compelled to do the bidding of the governors, which could jeopardise their neutrality in partisan politics. And their failure to comply could see them dethroned,’’ Yelwa said.

He said the bill is incomplete because “it fails to address security of tenure, neutrality in partisan politics and insulation of the rulers and their paraphernalia of office from political influences.’’

Yelwa, whose 490 page documentary source book strongly advocates a constitutional role for traditional rulers, however, commended the bill for seeking to establish a national house of chiefs, as well as states and local government houses of chiefs but added that the roles traditional rulers play in societies should have constitutional backing.

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